Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday is the New Monday

Today started off with a lame attempt at a "Hello Smith" so we tried again this time with more enthusiasm and we got the clear from Smith herself. We began class discussing how to understand Macbeth it turned out it was as easy as asking a question, who knew? We then discussed the benefits of Writing Lab because if you don’t have a common off hour with Smith but want some of your work looked at before you turn it in you can go on your off hour and get one on one help with an English teacher. Smith also regaled a story about her two scars after a question was asked about what the “scar” was in Lord of the Flies. I learned that if you need help moving you should not ask Smith because she probably will get herself hurt and that water skiing with roller blades is not a very good idea if your neighbor has a large boat parked in their driveway. Next we discussed homework which consists of reading Lord of the Flies chapters 7 and 8 and annotating as usual; we discussed again that all annotations are due by September 27th. Also for homework is SAT vocabulary lesson 2 which can be found on page 25 of the vocabulary books. Finally the last bit of homework is to edit your partners Macbeth outline due Thursday. To edit you need to give your partner constructive criticism no” good jobs” or “this is awful” you need to be able to back it up and give them something to work on. To edit their outline you can highlight what you think needs fixing and hit the New Comment button under the Review tab on Microsoft Word.

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