Thursday, September 30, 2010

Totally Terrific Thursday!!!

Today was an ordinary day in Smith's 5th period English class. Today we read Act 5 of Macbeth and finished the play. Macbeth comparrison paper is due tomorrow. Everyone needs to print off the Macbeth rubic and bring it to class tomorrow. There will be NO execptions. This rubic is called the Macbeth Comparison Paper Rubric, it is on Smith's web page The paper must be in MLA format which can be found at With the paper, there must be a works cited as the last page. The works cited has to be on its own page and must be the last page of the paper. The paper must be put on top of the works cited and those two must be stapled. The rubic must be laid on top of the paper but NOT stapled. The scribe from period 2 has hyperlinked the correct works cited to his post so, if needed you can find that post and look at that for help. Also due tomorrow are the SAT exercises, lesson 5. Remember, the Macbeth Comparison Paper is due tomorrow and Smith does not except any late work! Also by October 8th you will need Fahrenheit 451.
  • SAT tomorrow
  • Act 5 tomorrow
Tomorrow is the varsity football game and the blackout! Go Warriors!!!

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