Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Typical Day in the Honors English Class of Smith! (period 5)

Hello friends of Smith's Honors English Class! I hope you all had a wonderful day outside of our fun time in class! Today in class, after we gave our regular greeting to Smith at the beginning, we took out our planners and wrote down the homework! Which for today was: To complete the chapters 7 and 8 in Lord of the Flies due on Monday of next week. We also need to complete the next section in our SAT vocabulary book (pages 25-35) which is due on Friday! Remember questions on vocab will be answered tomorrow so get to work or take the risk of confusion later!

Then we received our vocab assignments from last week back! Hopefully all of you did well! Smith mentioned that some of us forgot to continue on after the essay section in our vocab book! Even though we do not need to complete the essay portion, there are a few activities that we need to do on the following pages.

Next we worked on our outlines for our comparison paper. You will get a partner and peer edit them. Smith asked for one of our preliminary outlines and she showed us the correct way to edit a person’s outline so that all of the feedback is helpful. I am not able to link it to this page so if any of you would like to see what Smith did to the outline I will be available in class to show you and I can put it on your thumb drive if you would like to have a copy!

Once we completed that task, we talked a little bit about Lord of the Flies. Some of the questions and answers:

• What is the “scar” that the boys keep talking about? The answer we came up with was that the “scar” was the place where the plane had crashed and had left that area of the island destroyed.

• How long have the boys been on the island? We decided about 2 to 3 months. There are some clues such as the boys’ clothes were not intact anymore and also that their hair was growing in front of their eyes.

• Was the parachute dead or alive? He was dead because the wind was able to throw his body around in an upward and downward motion.

• If you have any other questions that you might be confused about please post them on the blog on chapters 4-6 to get an answer!

Then we changed books to read about our lovely friend Macbeth. We read Act One Scenes 4 and 5. I suggest you read that if absent in class today! If anyone is confused on what we read in class today please post questions on this blog and I will do my best to answer them with the help of my other fantastic classmates! That’s about all we did today in class! Again I hope it was a great day for all! See you tomorrow!

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