Monday, September 13, 2010

Western Day 9/13/10

We went over a lot in class today.  The homework for the day is as follows, SAT exercises are due on Friday , don't forget to do every single exercise except for the writing part.  We also have to finish reading LOF by next Monday, but the notes are not due until the 27th of this month.  Also, the edits for our partners Lady Macbeth Essay are due on Thursday.

Here is what is going on in Lord of the Flies:
  • Simon has realized the evil within all of us and has chosen a life of insane solitude next to a boars head
  • The group has split up and Jacks hunters are now a separate group
  • Everybody is afraid of the beast and general chaos does not seem far off.
Here is what is happening in Macbeth:
  • Macbeth is still contemplating the act of murdering Duncan
  • When he finally commits the act he realizes unexplored consequences that he did not foresee
  •  Lady Macbeth is concerned with the fact that she is reveling in their act and not feeling guilty

As a final note today Mrs. Smith reminded us that this vocab will appear on and can be used fort the SAT's.  These tests are huge for receiving scholarship money just in case your interested in going to college for FREE!!

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