Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23

Today, we started off with the usual "Hello, Smith," which never gets old. Today's class went by very quickly, as we were having so much fun working on our word trace projects.

Today in class:

-we started off with a blog post, creating a topic sentence about the character named Jack in Lord of the Flies. The question was: In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, what does Jack most value and why?

-next, we got together with our word trace groups to work on our projects. The words that we have been assigned for this project are blood, hand, man, night, and sleep. These projects are due tomorrow!! Each group will explain to the class why Shakespeare repeatedly used this word in his play Macbeth, and the role that their word plays.

-some ideas that Smith gave our class of how to present were: Prezi, Wordle, Glogster, Tagxedo, Webspiration, and Photo Story.


-SAT words Lesson Four is due tomorrow, with all of the exercises completed. We will have a quiz over Lesson Four tomorrow

-Lord of the Flies annotations are due on MONDAY. If you are still confused on annotations, here is a link to Smith's teacher page, which has a document on annotating:

-Our essays are due next Friday, October 1st

*For our essay, we can choose one of the three outlines/essays that we wrote on Macbeth, Lady

Macbeth, or the dagger scene.

-The word trace projects are due tomorrow

Have a great day!!

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