Tuesday, August 31, 2010


HW: read LOF, SAT, scribe

Lecture on Carls good scribe post

Trust exercises:

A bunch of friends are at a restaurant. One of their money gets stolen. Trust issues?

While walking home together, two close friends are walking together. They get told by a reliable source that one of them would get an attractive date, but they’d have to choose which one gets it. Trust issues?

An ambitious man sees an illegal way to become head of his company. He’s not sure he should do it. His motto: Maybe tomorrow. His wife is the opposite, with the motto: Just do it. Trust issues?

Don’t forget to respond to the new blog post!

‘Are you a trusting person?’

Your Elizabethan presentation grades are up. Go check them out!

Trust your friends, teachers, and family lecture.

Going into Macbeth, now.

Three videos:

Royal Shakespeare Company’s Macbeth

The English Shakespear Company’s Macbeth

Roman Polansky’s Macbeth

Three papers you must write.

My notes on Royal Shakespeare Company’s Macbeth:

Several men/women in a circle, being silent

Three witches

Non-understandable lines (German?)

Soldier, bloody, talking to king

One witch has a disease? Foaming at mouth

Macbeth and __ go find witches

Witches disappear

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