Monday, August 30, 2010

The Presentations and Public Humiliations of 8/27/10

Today was a fine and fun day.  Here is the home work and events of the day.

Homework of the day: Read LOF 1-3, blog response to initial impressions on the book,

These are the presentations that happened today.

Elizabethan Husbands and Wives:

• marriage could improve your social status

• Marriage was often arranged in the upper classes of society

• It was foolish to marry for love and children were expected

• Husband were the leader of the house

• Husbands had to take care of the family and the income

• Husbands were nice to their family’s

• Wives ran the home and organized it

• Wives were supposed to be submissive and the weaker sex

• Raised the children

The globe theater:

• A central role

• A troop was unable to pay their lease so they moved across the river

• People had so much fun

• Then the theater burned down by a cannon

• Then it was rebuilt later

• Plays during this time were simple and not well organized

• Huge props

• This method caused people to steal their plays

• Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, And Mc Beth

Elizabethan Social Structures and The Feudal System

• Surfs are the lowest in the social system

• The clergy has much power in the system, the pope is at the top

• Much of these higher class people had elaborate clothing

• Queen Elizabeth helped to improve people’s lives and was a big contributor in the feudal system

Tragic Heroes:

• Tragic heroes enriched the story giving it depth

• Something for the blog (We interrupt this blog for and important message…..)

• Tragic heroes were often neutral nor good or bad

• They choose to follow their heart not their head

• These heroes include, Hamlet, Romeo, Juliet, and Macbeth

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