Monday, August 30, 2010

English Class of 8/30/10


First matter of the day, each student was handed an SAT vocabulary book and was told to write their names in the front cover. You are going to be required to memorize 15 words a week. Flip books to page 16. Complete lesson 1 until page 24 but do not do the writing portion. Make responses legible and neat. They are due Friday but do not take more than 15 minutes to complete. Wednesday is word day where you are quizzed on the words you learn and Fridays are the word tests. LOF annotation and blog also due Friday. All students are required to watch a video on Shakespeare as shown below the presentation notes. Take the Elizabethan presentation quiz on the computer and print it out. Sheet was passed around to sign the SAT books out. Globe Theater group came up first and presented their Prezi with small quizzes for the audience. They also asked class members to come up and give summaries of the facts they presented. Very creative presentation. Feudal System group went up and assigned every student a social position (i.e. serf, night, king). Members of the groups explained portions of their role of the social class they were assigned.

Globe Theater

• Globe theater built in 1599 with help of William Shakespeare

• Burned downed once

• No costumes and used bags of pig blood for death scenes

• Actors died/ injured in stunts

• Plays held in “Inn Yards” before theaters

• Many special effects and grand entrances

• Plays took place in afternoon and lasted around two hours

• Theaters used for many weird purposes and flags represented types of plays

The Feudal System

• King and queen pass out fifes to all nobles.

• King passed down to first born son in every generation

• Nobles gave land to nights and peasants.

• Laws restricted the wearing of certain clothes

• Clergy almost equal to nobles

• Clergy were spiritual leaders and were bonded to a church and they were much like priests.

• Knights were part of army and wore large portions of armor

• Hired by nobles for protections of land

• Serfs make up 90% of the population and were poor.

• Serfs lived poorly and farmed land for their higher ranking nobles

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