Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Easy Scheduling Friday 4/29/11

Good afternoon everybody!

Today was a very easy day in Mrs. Smith's class. We immediately left the classroom after the bell rang, and meandered over to the forum for a talk about scheduling. While I am not going to post everything covered in that talk, I do think it is important to note that arena scheduling is on May , so you need to have your registration packet completely filled out before then. If it is late, you will register LAST.

Homework includes the following:
Idea/Outline for your very own Ted Talk: Due Monday.
You need to have the following ready to show Mrs. Smith:
     Topic for your Ted Talk- Answer the question, "What Matters?"
     Topic Sentence     Support/Thesis with points.It is recommended that your Ted Talk follows one of these two styles:Ignite: Click HERE for a video on how to give an ignite presentation, or HERE for generic information.Pecha Kucha: Click HERE for a video, or HERE for generic information

Ted Talk #6 (Dave Eggers) needs to be done by Monday. Click HERE.

Thanks Everybody! See you on Monday!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Electrifying Thursday

Today we had the usual "Hello Smith", although not as loud as normal and started right away on the Symphony Fishbowl.  The Topics included, how we use 'negative space' in our own lives, whether or not we are in a 'creative slump', and how colleges look at our grades/activities (how we focus our lives) to discuss whether or not they would accept us.  Not at lot of movement into the Inner Circle, come on guys!
Our Homework was to complete our 5th TED Blog, your choice, due Friday.  As well as the following to show Smith,
The actual topic for the TED Talk,
It answers the question "What matters?"
A topic sentence
A some details that support the thesis.
Your TED Talk needs to follow one of two styles,
Ignite: Click HERE ( for a video on how to give an ignite presentation, and HERE ( for some other helpful tips.
Pecha Kucha (Pikachu): Click HERE ( for a video, and HERE ( some Q&A's.
The 6th blog, by Dave Eggers, is due by Monday (
You need to have a basic outline for your speech due by Monday.
We have only 3 blogs left with our TED Talk coming up, so you might want to get a head start on the next two.

That's all and good luck!
Go Warriors!

AWNM Play/Empathy Period 2

AWNM Play/Empathy Period 5

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Great Day for a Birthday in English Class (4/28/11)

Guten Tag!
(That's German for Hello)

After a semi-enthusiastic but loud, "Hello Smith," the class got right down to business on our AWNM Symphony fishbowl. The topics ranged from combining classes in school to gender stereotypes. This fishbowl, as always, took up nearly the entire class period.

Homework is as follows:

Ted Talk Blog Response #5: Due tomorrow. This is based on a Ted Talk of your choice.

Ted Talk Blog Response #7: Due Next week.

Idea/Outline for your very own Ted Talk: Due Monday.
You need to have the following ready to show Mrs. Smith:
     Topic for your Ted Talk- Answer the question, "What Matters?"
     Topic Sentence
     Support/Thesis with points.
It is recommended that your Ted Talk follows one of these two styles:
Ignite: Click HERE for a video on how to give an ignite presentation, or HERE for generic information.
Pecha Kucha: Click HERE for a video, or HERE for generic information.

That's All for today!

Thanks to everybody for making it a great birthday for me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

20 Minute Work Time for Period 5

In Mrs. Smith's period 5 class we greeted our teacher enthusiastically after a couple of tries and then we got down to business. She discussed a few dates with us: April 28 is the chapter six Symphony fishbowl, April 29 we are skipping class to receive our sophomore schedules, on May 2 our TED talk outline is due, and on May 9 our class is skipping our second and third periods to hear Daniel Pink talk (make sure to talk to your teachers beforehand that you won't be attending class).

TED talk outline:

  • Thesis statement: answers the question "What matters?" and Why?

  • Bullet points breaking down speech

  • form: ignite and pecha kucha


  1. must answer the question "What matters?"

  2. needs to be an idea worth spreading


  4. 20 slides

For homework: you should finish blog 5 (if not already done), and work on Blog 7, make sure to have Symphony read by tomorrow and have insightful questions about the chapter.

Have Fun Buckaroos!

What a Wonderful ACT Wednesday!

Todays class period was only 23 minutes long! Today in class we had a catch up day, here is what was reccomended:
TED videos: Blog #5 is not due until Friday, however it is highly reccomended that we watch it early since next week #6,#7,#8 are duAlign Righte, since #5, #7, and #8 are done on our own it won't hurt to get a head start.

TED Topic: Our TED talk subjects are due Monnday and we need to have a topic, decide what format we are using(Ignite or Pecha Kucha) and a thesis statement outlining main points of ourtalk.

Read a Whole New Mind: We have a fishbowl on Symphony tomorrow don't forget!!!

Homework: All of the above can be done as homework

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

English 9 Honors Period 5 4/26/11: Obviously the Best English Period Ever

After the usual ”hello, Smith”, period 5 began. Smith began the class by asking us to give her feedback on the fishbowl. There were differing opinions on this topic. Some said the inner circle did a better job on the Design topic than the Story topic, others said the opposite. Some said the outer circle was having in-depth debates and were very active, others said they were off-topic and no one came into the inner circle. After that topic was exhausted, the class got to hear about Smith’s Monday. She let her kids sleep in, then they went out to breakfast and she told her kids to bring swimsuits. After the breakfast, they watched Soul Surfer, starring Arapahoe’s own Anna-Sophia Robb, and cried for the duration. Then they went swimming. The next portion of class was dedicated to work time. You could work on the next TED Talk response (due on Friday), your own TED Talk outline (due next Monday or Tuesday), or reading Chapter Six of A Whole New Mind, Symphony (fishbowl on Thursday). And there goes yet another day of English class...

Debrief Tuesday

Today in Mrs. Smith's 2nd hour class we talked about how yesterday's fishbowl went, and how we can improve on staying to the text of the book and how we can relate it to the world. We also talked about how on Friday we will be going over arena scheduling and how that all works (Mrs. Smith says to get any possible work done by Friday that you need to because you won't want to later).


Continue reading A Whole New Mind. Read chapter Symphony by Thursday for the fishbowl.
Prepare topic for TED talk final. Start working on outline due next week. This includes:
  • Topic sentence that answers "What Matters?" and why
  • Supporting points to topic
  • Remember:
    • Topic answers "What Matters?" and why
    • Points to support topic
    • Talk lasts 5 minutes
    • 20 slides using either the Ignite or Pecha Kucha 

AWNM Symphony Period 5

AWNM Symphony Period 2

Fishbowl Tuesday April 26, 2011

{April 26, 2011}

Today, Smith's English Honors Class held a Fishbowl on the Story section of Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind. Two main guests also participated in this Fishbowl, Margaret Riel of Pepperdine University and my brother Ben. Ms. Smith was not here for the FishBowl, and Ms. Morritz and Mr. Fisch helped run the discussion.

Make sure you get a start on your TED Talk, and keep up on AWNM.

For a link to the Fishbowl Blog, click here.

Have a good week!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fishbowl Monday

Today we had a fishbowl on the topic of Story, and the discussion went pretty good until the end, when the inner circle started to go off topic a little bit. Mrs. Smith wasn't here today, so he had Mrs. Moritz there in our class to help guide our discussion.


Debrief on class blog on how today's fishbowl went
Keep reading A Whole New Mind
Keep thinking about your TED talk topic for your final!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday! (Spring Pep Assembly!)

This Friday we started off with a “Hello, Smith” as always and got right into our homework.

  • We need to start thinking of what our TED talk subject will be. Also think of the big picture, while splitting it up. Observe the way the TED talkers we have watched split up their presentation

  • Read "Story" in A Whole New Mind

  • Do blog #4 on Clay Shirky’s cognitive surplus. Be creative, think outside the box and think for yourself. Remember just completing it will earn you a Gentelman’s C.

After we talked about our homework, we watched and discussed Clay Shirky’s TED talk on cognitive surplus. His ideas were similar to Daniel Pink’s in the way that they share the belief that emotion beats any economic situation.


Friday in English: 4/22/11

Today was another class TED Talk Day in English. First Smith talked about our TED blogs. She said that they are getting better, but some people are still being too superficial. You really need to make deep connections and really think analytically just like if you were having a conversation about the topic. Also, most of the blog post should be mostly analysis, not a summary. The rest of the class we watched the Clay Shirky TED Talk.

  • Blog on the Clay Shirky TED Talk
  • Read “Story” in A Whole New Mind
  • Be thinking about your TED Talk Topic (deadline for the topic in less than a week!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Do Stories Have to Do With Advertising?

We started off with our usual "Hello Smith" for the second time this week.
The first thing we did was just have a fun "How'd the Boston Marathon go?" talk. We learned that eh ideal running conditions for a marathon are cool temperature (40°-60°) with a good tail wind. Smith's husband had both of these. Since he got such a good qualifying time, he was allowed to start in the first wave of 9,000 out of 27,000 (at around 4,000th place)! By the end of the race he had made his way up to 2,000 and a personal best time (great job!), even though his watch had died at the beginning!
Then we debriefed on the Fishbowl with questions and comments. One of the biggest problems that we had as a class was that we were all way to vague. We kept getting into theoretical discussions that were right out of the big blue sky. We need to keep connecting back to the text and keep things down here on the Earth we all know. In the next discussion it would be a good idea to ask people to connect back to the text, "Where does it say that in AWNM?", so that we do not get so off topic next time. For those of you who have trouble moving into the inner circle, you just need to tell yourself, "I'm going into the inner circle, NOW!", leave your computer and use those limbs you got when you were born! You can always catch up on a blog and insert a comment, but jumping into the conversation 10 minutes after we talked about something is just plain awkward, so just get in there and get your talk in for the day!
Contradictory to other fishbowls, the new guests Eric Grant and Chris Long really spiced things up and brought a whole new level into our fishbowl. They challenged us to be metacognative, thinking about our thinking, and asking us "Why?" we think that way, pressuring us to truly realize what we are learning in itself, and at a deeper level. Their personalities shone through the text, allowing us to genuinely believe that there was another person on the other side of the screen. They showed us that we don't necessarily have to go along with what Daniel Pink says, as there are many views opposing his.

Speaking of opposing views, there is a blog that we are highly encouraged to read at (courtesy of Mr. Fisch!), in which the blog itself, and references to Gary Stager, who make convey many ideas on learning, knowledge, and application of knowledge. Feel free to email/blog to Mr. Stager about different views of A Whole New Mind, and he will very likely get back to you as explained by Smith.
Then Smith explained that if you have below a B, it will be very likely that you do not move into honors next year. If you have below a B and WANT TO move on into honors, or if you have an A or a B and DO NOT want to move into honors, you need to talk to Smith ASAP as time is ticking and space is limited for all students. For those of you who do not choose to move into honors next year, it does not stop you from getting back on into the honors track by auditioning at the end of your Sophomore year.

After all of these things, Smith explained the next chapter of A Whole New Mind (Chapter 5, Story), and how telling stories has become a rapidly popular advertising technique. We looked at several examples of these amazing products and some are ones we use everyday like ceral and milk:
  • Honey Bunches of Oats
  • Vitamin Water
  • Chipotle
  • Organic Valley
We were then given the rest of class to work on our TED Talks or read "Story", which are both due by Monday. The TED Talk can be found here: Keep thinking about your TED Topic, as you need to know what your subject will be on by the 2nd or the 3rd of May, you've got until about May 2nd or 3rd, but you'll be working on the Talk itself for a lot longer, so don't wait and pick something that does not matter very much to you, and keep your eyes open!
Good luck to all of you! -Greg M.

What Do Stories Have to

AWNM Story Period 5

AWNM Story Period 2

April 21st in English 9 Honors

Today was a much needed light day in Smith’s Second Period English Nine Honors Class.

Smith started by talking about Honors Language Arts for next year. If you have below a “B”, Smith will not recommend that you continue on the honors track. If you do have below a “B” and want to continue in honors you need to go in to talk to her. If you do not continue in honors your sophomore year, you can audition to get back into honors at the end of next year. On the other hand, if you have a “B” or above and you do not want to take honors next year, you need to talk to Smith ASAP so she can let the teachers know that there is an open spot in honors for other students who are auditioning in.

We then debriefed on the fishbowl from yesterday. First we went around and commented on the good and the bad from the fishbowl. Overall the class and Ms. Smith agreed that:
  • we did a good job referring to the book
  • we did a good job asking questions to one another
    • asking others to back their opinions up with evidence from the book
  • bringing in the Drive passages and TED talk articles were good things
  • there was a lack of movement into inner circle
    • it is important that everyone makes there way into the inner circle at least for a short time
  • we need to do a better connecting to the bigger picture: discussing the relevance of the material

After the fishbowl debrief, Smith talked about the next chapter of A Whole New Mind, Story. She talked about how telling stories to illustrate ideas is becoming an increasingly popular technique. She showed us how advertising uses stories to promote their product. She showed us examples from Honey Bunches of Oats, Vitamin Water, Chipotle, and Organic Valley. We need to read “Story” by Monday.

The rest of the class period we were given time to work on our TED talk or read “Story”.

  • Read the next chapter in AWNM “Story” by Monday
  • Be thinking about your TED Talk topic

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Design Fishbowl: 4/20/11

Today was an average fishbowling day. Smith first talked about our TED Talk blogging. She said that many people are still being very superficial when writing about the TED talks. In order to get better than a 70% you have to think deeply and make broad connections to yourself and education (Blogging Expectations). We then began our second  A Whole New Mind fishbowl on the chapter "Design". We considered (among other things) the effect of the environment around us on our learning, whether more aesthetically pleasing environments are distracting or increase learning, whether grades or learning itself are the ultimate goal, and creativity in education. You can review the fishbowl here. If you were absent be sure to make up th fishbowl.


  • Reflect on today's fishbowl as a comment here.

A Heaping Plate of Seafood, with Some Odd Flavors Sprinkled In 04/20/11

Hello, and welcome again to another exciting day of English 9 Honors, here with Anne Smith. Today Smith took a more hands-off approach, as the class lead the discussion over Design (in A Whole New Mind). But more on that later.

To begin, the class received a bit of advice from Smith on blogging over the TEDTalks. She said that merely restating what the speaker said is not enough. Blog posts must ask, Why? How? Is that really true? Blogs must produce new material, not just reform old material. I recommend taking this advice, as Smith is the one grading the blog posts.

Next began the fishbowl, however it was preceded by a new assignment. Each student must reflect on how the fishbowl went as a comment to Cover It Live. Here is the link to the comment:

Other than these two unusual occurrences, the day was an average fishbowling day. The discussion was joined by two guests (Eric and Christian), along with a mystery guest (ooh, mystery!). The inner circle's discussion became slightly off topic near the end, but was still contemplative and thoughtful. The outer circle, well, it is recorded under Cover It Live.

Reflect on how the fishbowl went under the Cover It Live blog post
Remember to stay on track with reading and TEDTalk blog posts

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday, April 19

Today, English was not quite the same without the usual, "Hello, Smith!" Smith was gone yesterday and today, because her husband is running in the Boston Marathon! So of course Smith went with him to cheer him on.
We walked into class and got started right away. We watched another TED talk video, given by Daniel Pink, the author of A Whole New Mind. Throughout his talk, Daniel Pink explains what motivates the brain to do an activity. In recent studies, rewards have negatively impacted doing a task in comparison to a person doing the task with no reward. The true motivation is simply the satisfaction of doing a challenge. Daniel Pink concludes his talk with the idea that rewards ultimately destroy creativity.
Next, we discussed the main points of Daniel Pink's TED talk. Rewards and punishments work very well for simple tasks, but decrease efficiency when the task is more complicated. People create for their own enjoyment, not for the reward. The sub handed out a third packet, Seven Reasons Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don't Work, which is due tomorrow with annotations. We then worked on homework until the end of class.
-Blog about the Daniel Pink video is due tomorrow (remember to do extra to get above a C!)
-Continue reading A Whole New Mind (the calendar can be found here under Honors Calendar)
-All 3 packets that have been handed out are due tomorrow with annotations

Terrific Tuesday

Today we watched another TED talk by Daniel Pink that talked about new ways to motivate people in the workplace. However, since the video linked to the powerpoint was not working, the link above is to the one we found on the TED website. Hopefully that is the right video for everyone to watch. After that, we started to read and annotate another excerpt from Daniel Pink's book "Drive".


Finish reading and annotating excerpt from "Drive"
Write blog post on TED talk by Daniel Pink

Monday, April 18, 2011

Magnificent, maniacal, mysterious, meaningful, memorable, merry, misunderstood, modest, momentous, mottled MONDAY!
We started off the day in Mrs. Smith’s English 9 Honors class period 2 by greeting our substitute for the day, Mr. Rosenberg. After reviewing the PowerPoint for the weekly schedule, the rest of class was a work period. Things we did today:
³  Watched our own TED video for blog #2
³  Read Puzzling Puzzles of Harry Harlow and Edward Deci (introduction in Drive) and annotated it
³  Read The Rise and Fall of Motivation 2.0 (chapter 1 of Drive) and annotated it
³  Read A Whole New Mind
ü  Watch a TED talk video and blog about it ***Remember you need to prove you want more than a C! *** (blog should be a new post on your personal blog, and it can be on whatever topic you want. Find a TED talk that looks interesting or cool or funny, etc. and write a blog about it. You can choose along the left side of the website from thousands of different topics)
ü  Read and annotate Puzzling Puzzles of Harry Harlow and Edward Deci and The Rise and Fall of Motivation 2.0
ü  Read design in A Whole New Mind. There is a fishbowl Wednesday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday the 15th

Friday in class we:
·         Watched the  Sir Ken Robinson video
·         Took a grammar test
·         Got a reading packet
·         Took the fishbowl survey
If you missed Friday, make sure you pick up a copy of the reading from Smith, watch the Sir Ken Robinson video, and take that fishbowl survey! We spent most of class taking the fishbowl survey so there was not much that happened. If you missed the grammar test, talk to smith. That is if you did not take it in advance. If you look in this week’s calendar power point it tells you how to respond to the video!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today was a wonderful day in Mrs. Smith’s English 9 Honors Class. We started out the day by turning in our grammar worksheets and then by taking a grammar test.  We then answered a FISHBOWL SURVEY. *** To do this you first need to log into your student Google account (the one), which can be found on infinite campus under the technology tab. Then simply fill out the questions using lots of detail. *** We then started watching the one of eight TED talks (Sir Ken Robinson) that we will be blogging about. Make sure to read and follow the directions for the blogging (the post is on your personal blog, not on the class blog. When you sign in, there should be two available blogs on your homescreen, the one you post the TED talk on should be something like johns2014).

         Read and annotate The Puzzling puzzles of Harry Harlow and Edward Deci by Wednesday (handed out in class Friday)
         Read Design in A Whole New Mind (fishbowl Wednesday)
         Watch TED talk and respond to it
         Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fish is Out of the Bowl period 2
It was a lovely Thursday morning in Mrs. Smith’s English 9 Honors period 2. We started the day off with grammar (the last week!).  We diagrammed both sentences and decided what punctuation they had. (Make sure to study the back sentence: the girl who ran with susan and me won her race yesterday, because that is most likely what the test will look like). After that we went straight into the first fishbowl for A Whole New Mind chapters 1-3. Some of the topics discussed in the inner circle were:
v  What is creativity? A different way of thinking which depends on perspective
v  Functions of the left and right brain
v  How computers are left-brained and do not have the capacity of right-brain
v  How society as a whole always wants the next best thing, which is where right-brain comes in
Here is the live blog if you would like to scroll through it and read some of the questions discussed.

§  Study for grammar quiz! Terms to remember (hint) are relative pronouns, subordinating conjunctions, pronoun types, and multiple subjects and verbs (when determining those, make sure to eliminate the impossible answers first, like possible answers in prepositional phrases, to make sure that you get the right word)
§  Your Drive Sentence (this is the one sentence that you write about yourself that basically sums up your life)
§  OPTIONAL: If you want to start reading further into Design in A Whole New Mind, you can (we will eventually have to read this anyway-fishbowl next week).
Diagram for back sentence

What Personality type are YOU?

Today Mrs. Brock came in today to help us understand our brains some more, so she gave us a test.  The purpose of the test was to gain a basic understanding of psychological types and preferences.  We started the test by taking out a pencil and paper and writing our signature on the very top of the paper.  Afterwords we switched hands and tried to do the same thing (deja vu if you're in Mrs. Cornil's class).  We then had to decide based on her information if we were more extroverted (people person) or introverted (from within). She then shared different learning strategies for our own personality type which were very interesting.  She then told us to write about a beach ball.  If you're a little confused, don't worry because we were all confused too.  She told us later that basically this exercise was to learn which type of personality we were on the next category.  The choice here was if you were intuitive or had sensory.  She explained to us the differences of the two and went on to a different choice of two qualities.  This time, the choices were if you were more of a thinking individual or a feeling one.  Lastly, she went through the last couple of personality characteristics.  They were if you more judging or perceiving.  If you want to take it, I found a great website that gives you all the same choices and examples of them!  The link is right here.  If you want to learn more about your unique personality test results, click here.  Have a good night! -Kelly

AWNM Design Period 5

AWNM Design Period 2

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Type of Personality You Are Period 5

Today in the 5th period world of Smith, special guest Charlene Brock came to talk with the class. She asked us the question 'Why am I here?' as a lead into the facinating lecture that soon followed. One of the goals of the period was to gain basic understanding of psychological type and preferences. Mrs. Brock lectured the Personality Type Theory and had the class participate in understanding ourselves better.
Dominant Hand
The first activity the class did was to sign their name at the top of the paper, and then sign their name with the other hand. This was to show that while it may be awkward to write with the non-dominant hand, it is possible and that the skill can be developed.

Extroversion and Introversion (source of your energy)

-the class had 11 Extroverts

-about 49% of the US population

-the class had 14 Introverts

-about 51% of the US population

Sensing and Intuition (How you take in new information)

Mrs. Brock had the class write about a beach ball for a certain amount of time, we were to write anything we wanted and in any way we wanted, it just had to involve a beach ball.

-the class had 10 people for Sensing

-about 73% of the US population

- the class had 18 people for Intuition -about 27% of the US population

After decide whether you were sensing or intuition, each side gave their example of the beach ball which helped the class understand the difference.

Thinking and Feeling (How you make decisions)

-The class had 10 people for Thinking

-About 40% of the US population

-The class had 17 people Feeling

-About 60% of the US population

Judging and Perceiving (How you make decisions)

-The class had 11 people Judging

-About 54% of the US population

-The class had 17 people Perceiving

-About 46% of the US populatoin

Personality Types

After choosing four out of the eight tools, we found our combinations.

















Personality typing is a great tool to use when having trouble with career choices.


Be sure to be prepared for the fishbowl on A Whole New Mind intro-3, and have your DRIVE sentence completed by friday.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grammar is OVER!

While we greeted Smith with our usual 'hello', she greeted us with more good news today! We will have no more grammar EVER again (after this week), so make this last week's quiz count!  During grammar today Mrs. Smith told us to always take out prepositional phrases to help with your quiz, because the subject of a sentence can't be a prepositional phrase!  Today we went to the calendar of A Whole New Mind to take a right brain vs left brain quiz! if you want to take the quiz, you can take it right here. And while a lot of us were left-brained, a lot were also right-brained, and if right-brainers truly will "rule the future" than half our class is lucky and half of us --- well, not so much.  After you take the quiz, make sure to log into your Blogger account and write about what this test meant to you. Remember that tomorrow is not the fishbowl and that it was changed to Thursday!  Homework for tonight is to come prepared to fishbowl with questions ready to go! Remember to read A Whole New Mind through chapter 3.  Have a good night! -Kelly

Last Week of Grammar, Period 5!

As Mrs. Smith has said today, Friday is the last quiz on grammar for the rest of the year! During class, we took the Left vs. Right Brained quiz, finished putting all of our blogs into Mrs. Smith’s Google Reader, went over grammar, and finished signing up for Fish Bowls (this was supposed to be done yesterday).
Grammar Sentences:
Sc s/plnompron av plnompron n/do s/plnompron hv lv adj/pa inf prep if we finish our homework we will be able to go to
art n/op
the movie

art n/s vp/s2 v/v2 prep N/op cc objpron/op v/v1 posspron n/do adj
the girl who ran with susan and me won her race yesterday

For homework, we need to have our drive sentence by Friday. This is supposed to be able the kind of person that you think that you will become. This is usually written in third person but if you can find a way to make it work in first person, then that will work as well. Finally, finish reading the intro through chapter 3 in AWNM for the Fish Bowl later this week. Get started on your TED projects because they are the final for this semester and will need a lot of effort to get the grade that you want. Keep up with the schedule that Mrs. Smith has made for this semester (on her webpage, under AWNM)so that you do not fall victim to endless stress!