Saturday, April 9, 2011

IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY!!!! (by Lauren Bell)

Today was not a normal English 9 Honors day. Today we did not start off the day with a “Hello Smith”, but groups running hectically around to get everything ready for their performance they have been working on for weeks! We started off with a glow in the dark performance by Logan, Mariah, Emily, Sage, Abby, Megan, Lauren C., and Lauren B. Then followed with a great performance with a huge brick wall set by John, Greg, and Avery. Next was a delightful performance by Karyn, Anna, Vivian, and Stephen at a tea party, while cupcakes were served to the audience. Sean, Johnny, Jack, Justin, and Ian performed a hilarious modern version of the Nurse being ridiculed. Elise, Tori, Emily W., and Kendall performed a hick version (with overalls and all) of Juliet being yelled at by her father due to the fact she will not marry Paris. The final group(s) did not have enough time in class and preceded to give their performance after school in front of only Smith. Great job everybody!

During the performance we preceded to take our 10th grammar quiz, as well as turn in our grammar worksheets and pick up a pink sheet about asking a question. This pink sheet a small introduction of our final, TED talks! Get thinking!

The only homework this weekend is to make sure you have read through chapter 3, or Part 1 of A Whole New Mind. Smith recommends you read ahead just so you aren’t too stressed out! Just if you want to look at the schedule for AWNM, here’s a link. Have a great weekend class!

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