Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Personality type are YOU?

Today Mrs. Brock came in today to help us understand our brains some more, so she gave us a test.  The purpose of the test was to gain a basic understanding of psychological types and preferences.  We started the test by taking out a pencil and paper and writing our signature on the very top of the paper.  Afterwords we switched hands and tried to do the same thing (deja vu if you're in Mrs. Cornil's class).  We then had to decide based on her information if we were more extroverted (people person) or introverted (from within). She then shared different learning strategies for our own personality type which were very interesting.  She then told us to write about a beach ball.  If you're a little confused, don't worry because we were all confused too.  She told us later that basically this exercise was to learn which type of personality we were on the next category.  The choice here was if you were intuitive or had sensory.  She explained to us the differences of the two and went on to a different choice of two qualities.  This time, the choices were if you were more of a thinking individual or a feeling one.  Lastly, she went through the last couple of personality characteristics.  They were if you more judging or perceiving.  If you want to take it, I found a great website that gives you all the same choices and examples of them!  The link is right here.  If you want to learn more about your unique personality test results, click here.  Have a good night! -Kelly

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