Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Great Day for a Birthday in English Class (4/28/11)

Guten Tag!
(That's German for Hello)

After a semi-enthusiastic but loud, "Hello Smith," the class got right down to business on our AWNM Symphony fishbowl. The topics ranged from combining classes in school to gender stereotypes. This fishbowl, as always, took up nearly the entire class period.

Homework is as follows:

Ted Talk Blog Response #5: Due tomorrow. This is based on a Ted Talk of your choice.

Ted Talk Blog Response #7: Due Next week.

Idea/Outline for your very own Ted Talk: Due Monday.
You need to have the following ready to show Mrs. Smith:
     Topic for your Ted Talk- Answer the question, "What Matters?"
     Topic Sentence
     Support/Thesis with points.
It is recommended that your Ted Talk follows one of these two styles:
Ignite: Click HERE for a video on how to give an ignite presentation, or HERE for generic information.
Pecha Kucha: Click HERE for a video, or HERE for generic information.

That's All for today!

Thanks to everybody for making it a great birthday for me!

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