Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Heaping Plate of Seafood, with Some Odd Flavors Sprinkled In 04/20/11

Hello, and welcome again to another exciting day of English 9 Honors, here with Anne Smith. Today Smith took a more hands-off approach, as the class lead the discussion over Design (in A Whole New Mind). But more on that later.

To begin, the class received a bit of advice from Smith on blogging over the TEDTalks. She said that merely restating what the speaker said is not enough. Blog posts must ask, Why? How? Is that really true? Blogs must produce new material, not just reform old material. I recommend taking this advice, as Smith is the one grading the blog posts.

Next began the fishbowl, however it was preceded by a new assignment. Each student must reflect on how the fishbowl went as a comment to Cover It Live. Here is the link to the comment:

Other than these two unusual occurrences, the day was an average fishbowling day. The discussion was joined by two guests (Eric and Christian), along with a mystery guest (ooh, mystery!). The inner circle's discussion became slightly off topic near the end, but was still contemplative and thoughtful. The outer circle, well, it is recorded under Cover It Live.

Reflect on how the fishbowl went under the Cover It Live blog post
Remember to stay on track with reading and TEDTalk blog posts

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