Monday, April 11, 2011

The Pressure is on for English 9 Final Project!

Today on yet another Monday morning, the class was quieter than normal because a lot of us were half asleep, including myself.  We started with our 25th weekly grammar sentence and Mrs. Smith opened up the class with some good news: we will not have grammar next week!

The sentences for THIS week are

1) if we finish our homework we will be able to go to the movie


2) the girl who ran with susan and me won her race yesterday
-this will be the focus sentence for our quiz on Friday!

Remember to focus on relative pronouns this week! They can be found in your 
purple packet.

Over the next four weeks, we will restart blogging again, but this time our blogs will be our personal thoughts on TED talks, not The Lord of the Flies (thank goodness). If you were not in class today you can get information for 2 different websites about the TED talks here and here.  Mrs. Smith told us today that our final project in Honors English will be a personal TED talk project which will address the questioonnn: "What Matters?" It may seem like a long time away but it's NOT. Start preparing for your presentation by finding out what matters to you!  Look through the websites and decide how you will do your project and what your theme is.  Your topic for the TED talk project is due May 3rd.  It will be mandatory to meet Mrs. Smith about this project and your video will also need to be 5 minutes long. By the way, you probably want to do really well on this project, because the entire world can see it, you have to memorize it, and it has your NAME on it, but no pressure.  However, if for some reason you are feeling just a little stressed, remember to look at the English Honors calendar.
Good luck on everything! -Kelly

  • Finish up reading for A Whole New Mind--- up to chapter 4! Our Fishbowl is now on Thursday!
  • "You" sentence on a 8" by 11" piece of paper, printed up by Friday.

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