Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wacky PLC Wednesday!

We started the class with a hectic start this PLC afternoon. There was so much to cover in so little time. Our class began with a "Hello Smith!" and we jumped right into the grammar sentences.

dem prn/ poss pl
s v art adj poss n n/pn cc prn/s v prep poss prn n/op
Those are the other childrens' toys, but yours are in your room. COMPOUND SENTENCE

blue: independent clause
red: punc/cap correction
italicized: prep phrase

N/s v ger/do sub conj art n/s v/lv adj/pa
Karl likes reading whenever a topic is technological. COMPLEX SENTENCE

blue: ind cl
orange: dep cl
red: punc/cap correction

After that, Smith talked about the importance of reading and annotating "A Whole New Mind," because us students set an example for the whole world to see. Once we were finished with our quick talk, we went to work on our "Romeo and Juliet" final projects.

Smith's Webpage: Week 6

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