Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Easy Scheduling Friday 4/29/11

Good afternoon everybody!

Today was a very easy day in Mrs. Smith's class. We immediately left the classroom after the bell rang, and meandered over to the forum for a talk about scheduling. While I am not going to post everything covered in that talk, I do think it is important to note that arena scheduling is on May , so you need to have your registration packet completely filled out before then. If it is late, you will register LAST.

Homework includes the following:
Idea/Outline for your very own Ted Talk: Due Monday.
You need to have the following ready to show Mrs. Smith:
     Topic for your Ted Talk- Answer the question, "What Matters?"
     Topic Sentence     Support/Thesis with points.It is recommended that your Ted Talk follows one of these two styles:Ignite: Click HERE for a video on how to give an ignite presentation, or HERE for generic information.Pecha Kucha: Click HERE for a video, or HERE for generic information

Ted Talk #6 (Dave Eggers) needs to be done by Monday. Click HERE.

Thanks Everybody! See you on Monday!

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