Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AWNM Symphony Period 5


  1. Today, I thought the fishbowl discussion and blogging on symphony went very well. I was in the outer circle and didn’t hear what the entire inner circle said but from what I heard it sounded like they discussed symphony in school, and in the media. In the outer circle things started off really slow but soon everyone was participating. I enjoyed talking to others and making connections from three chapters.
    Compared to other fishbowl on this book it was not the best. We did have good discussions but everyone agreed with everyone else (in the outer circle). I felt like there wasn’t a lot to talk about with symphony. So a lot of the conversation was about metaphors and creativity. Next blog, empathy and play, will be more successful because we as a class will be able to connect to though concepts better.

  2. Matthew--I feel that sympathy is not necessarily seeing the main idea, but seeing how everything works together to create one big picture. This concept would help someone in their daily life because if they understand how one item affects everything else, they will be able to see how one change could affect many other things.

  3. Kimberly—I think Pink always addresses medicine because most people in the medical field feel like they have good job security. Thus, Pink wants them to understand that while their job will always be necessary, the industry is still changing and demanding more right-brained skills.

    Elise—I think that creativity helps mellow out extreme characteristics in people. Since girls tend to be extremely sensitive and a little less dominant in social situations (compared to boys), creativity makes them a little stronger. Since boys are usually extremely aggressive and a little insensitive (when compared to girls), creativity helps tone down these characteristics. Not to say this applies to everyone, though.

    Matthew—I think multi-tasking is good and bad. On the one hand, it allows us to accomplish a lot more at one time, and we can often combine the ideas from the things we are working on to make them all better. On the other hand, sometimes we become so busy and stressed that we forget about certain things or don’t produce quality results, because we are trying to produce too many results at once. Too much multi-tasking could be pretty bad for our mental health.

    Abby C—I do think that left brained people sometimes do not like being creative. I am left brain dominant and sometimes I don’t enjoy being creative because it is slightly out of my comfort zone.

    Nick S—I think school is a modern example of symphony because we have multiple classes that we must balance in our schedule that combine to help us understand ourselves and our world.

    Mariah—I draw symbols from childhood (such as stick figures) when I do not have a lot of time to waste because they are easier to draw and require less effort.

    Elise—We can be Boundary Crossers in school by deciding we are going to excel at more than just one subject. For example, instead of only taking AP math classes because we want to be engineers, we could also take an AP Music class.

    Matthew—To me, art is any form of self-expression that is expressed through a medium. I consider metal, wood work, painting, drawing, sculpting, music, dance, and more as forms of art. I think that when parameters are put on art, such as in art class, the results are less creative less expressive than free-form art.

    Mariah—How would we know if society uses more metaphors today than it did 100 years ago? If you look at literature, metaphors seem to be used fairly consistently throughout history (even in the Bible). I have never read any history reports, though, on how many metaphors people used to use.

  4. Question—I don’t quite agree with Mr. Fisch’s saying. I think that standardized tests measure how “standard” a person’s mind is, but don’t affect the way people act. I think that true artists and other not-standard people don’t obsess over their tests scores because they know their life will mean more than their scores.

    Nick S—I read the article you linked to, and I think Asimov has a very good point. Intelligence is in the eye of beholder. So why are some talents valued more than others in America?

    Sean—I absolutely agree with you. I think that kids should not be graded on their artwork because it is a matter of opinion. There are no set distinctions between good artwork and bad artwork; what some love, others hate.

    Carolyn—Life needs us to all be different. This is what creates a whole and happy society. If everyone were a doctor, who would produce food?

    Nick S—I think this is fair because colleges should accept students based off of more than their GPA. A lot of talents are not measured by grades.

    Matthew—I think the best way to combine independent learning and minimal multi-tasking is to let us set our own limits. If we choose where we spend our efforts, we can focus on as many things at a time as we are personally capable. If other people tell us what our limits are, we may end up doing too much or too little.

    Nick S—I think that humor is more right-brained. When I think of a business CEO (who is probably very right-brained), I don’t envision them laughing much.

    Torri—America can export all of the jobs it wants to, but is it really stupid enough to do so? I think we would realize that we need jobs, too, and let people in other countries do the right-brained jobs their countries need done.

    Matthew—I think that not participating is not necessarily creative, but more of a sign that someone does not know how to be expressive. Choosing to not do anything is a way to avoid thinking of something new to do.

    Nicholas—In a way, engineers are very creative because they are inspired by what the world has already accomplished. I don’t think that knowing the limits of current technology makes them more creative, though. If anything, I think they have more narrow goals because they accept the limits, while others who don’t know the limits imagine that anything is possible.