Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun and Excitement Reign Supreme - 04/05/2011

Hello, and welcome to 8.5 NEWS, where fun and excitement reign supreme. I'm Barbara Prince. Today is April 5, 2011, marking the 60th anniversary of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg's death sentence. Ethel and Julius were the only civilian casualties of the Cold War. Just a little fun fact to start off today's broadcast. First off, let's go to Kenny with the weather.

Thanks, Barbara. This is Kenny Johnson, with today's weather. We'll begin in county "the other childrens toys." First off, I'd like to make a correction to yesterday's broadcast. The storm system "yours" was marked a plural pronoun. It is, in fact, a possessive plural pronoun. The fact that it shows who the room belongs to makes it this special kind of storm system. For

today's weather, a new front has blown in. It has been named "in your room." This front has been classified as a prepositional front, with "room" as its object of the preposition (op). The day began clouded by subjects of "these" and "yours" but cleared up enough for the linking verbs "are" to shine through. Yes, both of the "are"'s. Finally, for this county, we have a rare occurrence. That is, rare as of what we have seen. "Toys," a simple noun we saw yesterday, is a predicate nominative. Yes, a predicate nominative. This is not to be confused with a predicate adjective, as this not only follows the linking verb, it is a noun and renames the subject.
In our other county, "karl likes reading," the day was not as exciting. the gerund winds were labeled the direct object, and both the subject clouds "karl" and "topic" were sighted, along with the verb "likes" and linking verb "is." However, a predicate adjective was reported at the end of the county. It has been named "technological." For those viewers that do not know, a predicate adjective is like a predicate nominative, except that it is an adjective and describes the subject. Other than these slightly out of the ordinary weather systems, all is well. Expect late rain tomorrow, with slightly lower temperatures than today. Back to you, Barbara.

Thank you, Kenny. Who knew we'd see both a predicate nominative and adjective in one day? Oh well, now to Adam Jacobs, reporting live from, if I understand this right, controlled chaos?

Exactly, Barbara. Down here on site we are seeing what may seem chaotic at first, but has organization when examined closer. The rally gathered here, in the center at C Street and 11 Avenue, has divided into smaller factions. Each is working independently, yet each has been advised to do the same task. That is, to work on their settings and to practice their lines. As of yet, the only information we have on this is that it will be this Friday, and will be

preceded by a run-through on Thursday. Further instruction explains that groups may use members not in their company to work on or be part of the setting. This could be from moving tables to stabilizing a rickety tower. Also, they have been told that rehearsed lines are easier to recite, therefore more attention can be put into being dramatic and in character. That's all from me down here.

Very interesting, John, with some good advice for our viewers. Practice makes perfect, as they say, so practice those lines! We have only one upcoming event this next week, which is to read A Whole New Mind, the introduction and through chapter 3 by next Wednesday, the 13th.

Thanks you for joining us here on 8.5 NEWS. I'm Barbara Prince, hoping you enjoyed our broadcast. We'll see you next time. Take care.

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