Friday, April 29, 2011

Electrifying Thursday

Today we had the usual "Hello Smith", although not as loud as normal and started right away on the Symphony Fishbowl.  The Topics included, how we use 'negative space' in our own lives, whether or not we are in a 'creative slump', and how colleges look at our grades/activities (how we focus our lives) to discuss whether or not they would accept us.  Not at lot of movement into the Inner Circle, come on guys!
Our Homework was to complete our 5th TED Blog, your choice, due Friday.  As well as the following to show Smith,
The actual topic for the TED Talk,
It answers the question "What matters?"
A topic sentence
A some details that support the thesis.
Your TED Talk needs to follow one of two styles,
Ignite: Click HERE ( for a video on how to give an ignite presentation, and HERE ( for some other helpful tips.
Pecha Kucha (Pikachu): Click HERE ( for a video, and HERE ( some Q&A's.
The 6th blog, by Dave Eggers, is due by Monday (
You need to have a basic outline for your speech due by Monday.
We have only 3 blogs left with our TED Talk coming up, so you might want to get a head start on the next two.

That's all and good luck!
Go Warriors!

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