Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Week of Grammar, Period 5!

As Mrs. Smith has said today, Friday is the last quiz on grammar for the rest of the year! During class, we took the Left vs. Right Brained quiz, finished putting all of our blogs into Mrs. Smith’s Google Reader, went over grammar, and finished signing up for Fish Bowls (this was supposed to be done yesterday).
Grammar Sentences:
Sc s/plnompron av plnompron n/do s/plnompron hv lv adj/pa inf prep if we finish our homework we will be able to go to
art n/op
the movie

art n/s vp/s2 v/v2 prep N/op cc objpron/op v/v1 posspron n/do adj
the girl who ran with susan and me won her race yesterday

For homework, we need to have our drive sentence by Friday. This is supposed to be able the kind of person that you think that you will become. This is usually written in third person but if you can find a way to make it work in first person, then that will work as well. Finally, finish reading the intro through chapter 3 in AWNM for the Fish Bowl later this week. Get started on your TED projects because they are the final for this semester and will need a lot of effort to get the grade that you want. Keep up with the schedule that Mrs. Smith has made for this semester (on her webpage, under AWNM)so that you do not fall victim to endless stress!

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