Tuesday, April 26, 2011

English 9 Honors Period 5 4/26/11: Obviously the Best English Period Ever

After the usual ”hello, Smith”, period 5 began. Smith began the class by asking us to give her feedback on the fishbowl. There were differing opinions on this topic. Some said the inner circle did a better job on the Design topic than the Story topic, others said the opposite. Some said the outer circle was having in-depth debates and were very active, others said they were off-topic and no one came into the inner circle. After that topic was exhausted, the class got to hear about Smith’s Monday. She let her kids sleep in, then they went out to breakfast and she told her kids to bring swimsuits. After the breakfast, they watched Soul Surfer, starring Arapahoe’s own Anna-Sophia Robb, and cried for the duration. Then they went swimming. The next portion of class was dedicated to work time. You could work on the next TED Talk response (due on Friday), your own TED Talk outline (due next Monday or Tuesday), or reading Chapter Six of A Whole New Mind, Symphony (fishbowl on Thursday). And there goes yet another day of English class...

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