Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today started with unusual complaint by Smith about her computer. She proceeded to tell us that today needed to be devoted to our stage of the performance, and working on your lines. Lines needed to have emphasis and stage directions. Grammar was next. We learned what a predicate nominative was in the front sentence of “Those are the other children’s toys but yours are in your room. A predicate nominative is something that renames the subject, and has a linking verb.  The predicate nominative is toys, because it renames those and has the linking verb are.  Also we learned what a predicate adjective was in the back sentence of “Karl likes reading whenever a topic is technological”. A predicate adjective is something that describes the subject and has a linking verb.  The predicate adjective in this sentence is technological. Smith said she has to go help Mrs. Leclaire’s sub and that we should go to work in our groups.  Homework, like yesterday was reading AWNM till chapter 3 and working on your scene.

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