Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grammar is OVER!

While we greeted Smith with our usual 'hello', she greeted us with more good news today! We will have no more grammar EVER again (after this week), so make this last week's quiz count!  During grammar today Mrs. Smith told us to always take out prepositional phrases to help with your quiz, because the subject of a sentence can't be a prepositional phrase!  Today we went to the calendar of A Whole New Mind to take a right brain vs left brain quiz! if you want to take the quiz, you can take it right here. And while a lot of us were left-brained, a lot were also right-brained, and if right-brainers truly will "rule the future" than half our class is lucky and half of us --- well, not so much.  After you take the quiz, make sure to log into your Blogger account and write about what this test meant to you. Remember that tomorrow is not the fishbowl and that it was changed to Thursday!  Homework for tonight is to come prepared to fishbowl with questions ready to go! Remember to read A Whole New Mind through chapter 3.  Have a good night! -Kelly

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