Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fish is Out of the Bowl period 2
It was a lovely Thursday morning in Mrs. Smith’s English 9 Honors period 2. We started the day off with grammar (the last week!).  We diagrammed both sentences and decided what punctuation they had. (Make sure to study the back sentence: the girl who ran with susan and me won her race yesterday, because that is most likely what the test will look like). After that we went straight into the first fishbowl for A Whole New Mind chapters 1-3. Some of the topics discussed in the inner circle were:
v  What is creativity? A different way of thinking which depends on perspective
v  Functions of the left and right brain
v  How computers are left-brained and do not have the capacity of right-brain
v  How society as a whole always wants the next best thing, which is where right-brain comes in
Here is the live blog if you would like to scroll through it and read some of the questions discussed.

§  Study for grammar quiz! Terms to remember (hint) are relative pronouns, subordinating conjunctions, pronoun types, and multiple subjects and verbs (when determining those, make sure to eliminate the impossible answers first, like possible answers in prepositional phrases, to make sure that you get the right word)
§  Your Drive Sentence (this is the one sentence that you write about yourself that basically sums up your life)
§  OPTIONAL: If you want to start reading further into Design in A Whole New Mind, you can (we will eventually have to read this anyway-fishbowl next week).
Diagram for back sentence

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