Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Type of Personality You Are Period 5

Today in the 5th period world of Smith, special guest Charlene Brock came to talk with the class. She asked us the question 'Why am I here?' as a lead into the facinating lecture that soon followed. One of the goals of the period was to gain basic understanding of psychological type and preferences. Mrs. Brock lectured the Personality Type Theory and had the class participate in understanding ourselves better.
Dominant Hand
The first activity the class did was to sign their name at the top of the paper, and then sign their name with the other hand. This was to show that while it may be awkward to write with the non-dominant hand, it is possible and that the skill can be developed.

Extroversion and Introversion (source of your energy)

-the class had 11 Extroverts

-about 49% of the US population

-the class had 14 Introverts

-about 51% of the US population

Sensing and Intuition (How you take in new information)

Mrs. Brock had the class write about a beach ball for a certain amount of time, we were to write anything we wanted and in any way we wanted, it just had to involve a beach ball.

-the class had 10 people for Sensing

-about 73% of the US population

- the class had 18 people for Intuition -about 27% of the US population

After decide whether you were sensing or intuition, each side gave their example of the beach ball which helped the class understand the difference.

Thinking and Feeling (How you make decisions)

-The class had 10 people for Thinking

-About 40% of the US population

-The class had 17 people Feeling

-About 60% of the US population

Judging and Perceiving (How you make decisions)

-The class had 11 people Judging

-About 54% of the US population

-The class had 17 people Perceiving

-About 46% of the US populatoin

Personality Types

After choosing four out of the eight tools, we found our combinations.

















Personality typing is a great tool to use when having trouble with career choices.


Be sure to be prepared for the fishbowl on A Whole New Mind intro-3, and have your DRIVE sentence completed by friday.

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