Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AWNM Symphony Period 2


  1. I think listening to any sort of thing and then combining it with your own passions makes something "new"
    How can school give that shifted perspective?

  2. From reading the fishbowl on the live blog, I feel that we discussed many worthy topics that related to Symphony. Discussing stereotypes made me wonder why we even have them. Are they just a part of society? Are stereotypes able to change? Maybe, in the case of drawing, it is just easier to draw what lips should look like instead of drawing what they actually look like.

    The talk about negative space was interesting because negative space is the idea of looking at what isn’t there instead of what is. Instead of looking at what the artist wants you to see (the object), you look for the more subtle differences. It reminds me of how sometimes what people don’t say is more powerful than what they do say.

    When Rachel commented about the quote “The key to success is to risk unconventional thought” I couldn’t help but think about how this is what is needed to challenge the system. Dan Pink is trying to challenge the system of the current left-brain world by bringing in facts and examples to prove that the system needs to change.

    When Luke commented about symphony, which got me thinking about how I disagree with what Dan Pink said about how it is better to be multi-talented. If everyone is good at one thing, then doesn’t that make the world good at everything, since we have all of these different skills coming together to form society? Is it better to have one person be average at 2 things, or to have 2 people really good at one thing each?

    After reading the discussion on metaphors, I wondered how we kids use metaphor? Dan Pink says that metaphor is in our daily lives, but I don’t exactly see people walking around saying that box reminds me of the sun, etc. (I guess that I just think of using metaphor for poetry and writing). However, when I explain something it is easier for me to give an example of what I mean. Is this a metaphor? What is the benefit of metaphor?

    It is not just in the conceptual age where having perspective and excelling at two things is good. It has always been better to be good at two things that just at one.

    Putting two seemingly un-related things together is just like evolution. One thing just becomes better and better. The idea and the invention do not change.

    Perspective has a lot to do with empathy, which is the next chapter. You must put yourself in someone else’s shoes to see and feel what they think, and then gain new perspective about something you didn’t know about before.

    The things that we learn in one subject help us in other subjects. There are different parts to everything, and so we learn about each part and then combine them into one idea, invention, lesson, etc. For example, if you wanted to build a machine that would do your homework, there would be an English part (having the computer read the sentences and then give you back sentences that are the answer) and a math part (having the computer do computations). We learn both parts so that we are then able to combine them into one solution. I think that it is the school’s job to teach us the separate parts, and then it is our job to combine the parts into a whole and learn from them.