Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy Advice from Anne Smith 04/04/2011

Today, the class was intrigued by a brief, 30 second side note from Smith: eating a good breakfast improves your metabolism! So, eating can help you lose weight, and failing to do so can make you gain weight. Who knew?

Anyways, back to English. The day began with the usual, "Hello everybody!" followed by the likewise common, "Hello Smith!" Pretty normal so far. However, just after this routine beginning, the class received a glimpse at Smith's previous, all boys class. I will be brief, as it does not relate much to the class. In summary, a project chosen by the class (to make a soundtrack of Lord of the Flies), was due today. But, of the entire class, only two boys remembered to finish and turn it in today. Go Justin and Riley!

Now back to English (again). The class began with grammar. Here are the two sentences:

these are the other childrens toys but yours are in your room


karl likes reading whenever a topic is technological

Here are the parts of speech for the first sentence: these (demonstrative pronoun) are (verb) the (article) other (adjective) childrens (possessive noun) toys (noun) but (coordinating conjunction) yours (plural pronoun) are (verb) in (preposition) your (possessive pronoun) room (noun)

And for the second sentence: karl (Noun) likes (verb) reading (gerund) whenever (subordinating conjunction) a (article) topic (noun) is (verb) technological (adjective)

Note that a gerund differs from a participle, in that both are verbs, but gerunds act like nouns and participles act like adjectives.

After another exciting round of grammar, the class split into groups to work on their Romeo and Juliet projects. Smith recommended finishing cutting lines and staging the scene. Remember, they are due Friday!

The Romeo and Juliet tests from Friday are now in the grade book.

Homework: Continue reading A Whole New Mind. Be through chapter 3 by Wednesday.
Continue to work on your Romeo and Juliet projects, due Friday

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