Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PLC Hysteria

Smith started today with a belated hello and a hectic start. She said that when you are reading AWNM, to have really critical notes and questions, because we have people from around the world that are watching us. She said bring up the quotes that are in the book, and that nonfiction is really different. We are talking about real world issues that are affecting us. Grammar came next, for only a minute. Those are the other children’s toys can be a whole sentence so it’s independent, and so is yours are in your room. Two independent clauses are 1 compound sentence. Sound effects inserted. Back sentence, Karl like reading is independent. Whenever a topic is technological is a dependent clause so this sentence is complex.  Homework still is to read AWNM till chapter 3 for fishbowl and working on your scene. 

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