Thursday, April 21, 2011

AWNM Story Period 5


  1. From the view of the outer circle, this fishbowl went better than last the design fishbowl. For one, we stayed on topic. Last week, the inner circle conversation strayed so far off topic that I couldn't tell what the fishbowl was about from the discussion. This time, we kept coming back to story.

    I also enjoyed the visit from our guests today. They brought unique insight, different from that which we have discussed in class. They also brought with them ideas and experiences from life after high school. This helped broaden the conversation immensely. We didn't have the same, "compare it to the book," "compare it to other books," "compare it to school." This time, we could compare it to what professional life is like.

    Overall, I liked this fishbowl. Although Wall-E came up (again), along with some other side topics/ distractions, we did a good great.

    Great fishbowl-ing everyone!

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  3. I agree that the fishbowl went better this week. I was in the outer circle, and some interesting topics came up. We were able to relate much of Story to other ideas, and it was overall a good outer circle. The guests this time around did a good job of just jumping in to the conversations. They brought up some good points and good questions, and it was interesting discussing emotions with them. It was also kind of funny when Sean fought with his brother.

    I was slightly paying attention to the inner circle, and it seemed to be going good. There were good points being brought up, and there wasn't any long pauses where no one talked. However, there seemed to be some points that they kept staying on, like advertisements. This isn't necessarily bad, but it felt at some points that people should move on to a different topic.

  4. I was in the inner circle for the fishbowl today and I think that it went very well. Though the discussion slowed somewhat near the end it kept on pace throughout the majority and the only reason it may have slowed was that the topic of story was well covered. It is a topic which can be taken in many different directions and I think that we stayed on the goal topics of the world of workers, education, and advertising. It was apparent that the inner circle had done the assigned reading and that made the discussion flow well.

    I can't speak with immense knowledge about what was being done in the outer circle but anytime I checked the blog I saw a steady stream of large comments and a fair few guest bloggers. It seemed to be a useful and clarifying discussion for everyone present.

  5. Today, I was in the outer circle for this conversation. Although I only listened to tidbits of what was happening in the inner circle, we both talked about how math had stories that helped us remember various math formulas. The part that made me the happiest about what was happening in the inner circle was the discussing. Rather than just people throwing out random comments, I noticed that there was a lot of good questioning and debating occuring. It was strangely enjoyable to see people questioning my opinions. It is good to see that our class as a whole has grown so much throughout Fishbowling. I also think that the guests, who seemingly have a more broad knowledge of the world also made people want to question and rethink or explain what they were thinking.