Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wonderful World of Technology Wednesday

Wednesday 1-19-11
Today, class begin with a great big hello to Smith and another welcome to our speaker Ben Horblit and Mr. Fisch.  During grammar time (aka every ones favorite time) we learned an equation, independent clause + independent clause= complex sentence. That equation is helpful to know for the grammar sentence if you were absent today and is helpful to know for the grammar test on Friday and yes we are still allowed to use the purple packet. Also, in class we were given the privilege of listening and having conversations regarding technology with, Ben Horblit and Mr. Fisch below are some notes that I took that should give a brief overview of what was discussed,
Homework- CSAP packet Hunger due Friday, read chapter 8 of Little Brother, practice grammar for test Friday
·          Swagger cameras
Not very good because they can fake natural gait, could possibly be better
·         Facebook technology
Not paying you’re the product
·         X-net
X-box allows people to connect and connect until they can reach unprotected wifi
·         Onion routing
Every time the X-boxes connect they add another layer of crypt and it is sent on hard to trace back, peer to peer network, every time you go to a web page or go on Google, the internet provider logs it
·         Wi Fi
Putting incryption on wifi makes sure that other people cant connect to it
·         Making a crypt
Uses prime numbers people know how to solve the math but with prime numbers it is almost impossible
·         Secure conversations
Pretty easy to have secure and safe conversations
·         Private Browsing
      The “cookie” remains after people go to certain web pages , doesn’t start people from tracing you with the onion router doesn’t block the IP addresses, and can sometimes be traced back to the DSN
·         Online
Association with different people, revealing strong feelings can disqualify people from some jobs, NSA
·         Schools and individual rights, cyber bullying
Borderline on following rules and rights, and bullying online and privacy
·         Writing programs
Can be easy can be very difficult, program Java, and calculators TI basic

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