Friday, January 7, 2011

Puzzling Sentences and a lot of Talk

Friday, January 7, 2011:

Today we took our first grammar quiz. As a special surprise, Ms. Smith let us use our purple grammar packets for assistance. The quizzes were a compilation of everything we worked on this week, with no topics, rules, or parts of speech we had not covered in class. The quizzes were individual and involved labeling parts of speech, sentence parts, clauses and sentence type, and diagramming the sentence. Before taking the test, we also turned in our vocabulary work we had done over the course of the week.  Make sure to turn this in on Monday if you missed class today. 
The class fishbowl over pages 147-224 in 1984 also took place today. Some main topics covered include: the timing of Winston and Julia’s arrest, trust, government censorship, and how the current world is developing to be like society in 1984. To view the blogging discussion on Cover it Live, scroll down this page to replay Period 5's discussion.

Homework: read pages 225-274 (up to Section III, Chapter IV) by next Tuesday, 1/11; complete Loggel entries if not yet done (due date TBA), and obtain a copy (online or hard) of Little Brother for class next Friday, 1/14. If you are new to Ms. Smith’s class, also be sure you read and sign the class expectations this weekend.

Just for Fun:

Complex sentence diagamming

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