Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Thunderous, Thankful, Theologian, Irrelevant Thursday of Period 5

Today in class, Smith opened by telling us the story of her most hated student: A senior, who was not particularly happy about his grade, ripped up his paper and threw it in Smith’s face in front of the whole class. He continued to urk everyone, everyday. In a class of of noble football players who wanted to beat him up. We turned in our “The Pendulum Swings” paragraph, and we continued on how to dissect sentences- We learned that you separate the predicate from the verb with a line, then separate the dependant clauses and phrases with a line underneath them, diagonally. Make sure to pay attention, because our test is tomorrow. Here is a link to help you learn parts of speech, after the homophone song, the parts of speech are given in song form . We then finished the short response portion of “Waxed Generation”, and also drafted an outline of the extended response. Bring in 3 big Discussion questions from 1984 for the Fishbowl tomorrow on 167- 224.
Nicholas Say- Boo

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