Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Late Start

Our customary hello to Mrs. Smith was said as we came in for todays installment of honors english.  Tonights Homework is:
  • Copy of Little Brother
  • Loggel finished by Friday
  • Read Little Brother
  • Questions for Mr Escue
  • Einsteins Practical Joke Packet
Today in class we started out by talking about predicate nominatives in our grammar packets.  After we finished our grammar packet we moved onto a discussion about the end of 1984 and why Orwell wrote such a depressing book.  We came to the conclusion that he wrote it as a warning to democratic societies that you could become like this.  We could become the party and every freedom we fought or would be lost.  After this the bell rang and we all went of in different directions to our next period.

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