Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thinking Thursday

Thursday 1-20-11
Another 'hello' from Smith started second period off right. After our greeting we jumped right into grammar and added the necessary edits to our sentence and then diagrammed it. The test is tomorrow and Smith suggested that we write down the practice sentence and take five or ten minutes labeling the parts of speech and diagramming it. We then watched a video in German about what airport security systems don’t pick up, scary stuff! The video is called Body Scanner Demonstration and is linked here. The rest of class was given to us to work on anything we needed to get done, CSAP packets, reading etc hence, 'Thinking Thursday'. Smith also gave us a helpful hint for writing paragraph responses for CSAP which period five came up with. The acronym is TARAW which stands for, Title Author Restate Answer Why.  
Homework- CSAP packet Hunger due tomorrow, Little Brother chapter 9-10, study for grammar test tomorrow, Read “The War on Secrecy”

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