Monday, January 24, 2011

LB 6-12 Period 5 Fishbowl


  1. Response to Lauren - I think that it could grow to the extent of what was happening in 1984. In fact, I think it already is slowly happening in Little Brother because of how they have gait watchers and face identification. Although some things in the book have been claimed unconstitutional, they are still on their way to 1984's society. When Marcus was "taken hostage" by the government, they did so because they were suspicious of him, not because they had any evidence of Marcus doing anything wrong. So it seems that even though it appears as if the people still have some say in the government, there is a sort of "underground" operation that is doing the dirty work for the government, like what was happening in 1984 with people literally changing history for the government's advantage.

  2. My question is about the adults in the books. It seems as though they are unwavering in their already established beliefs in the government. With that being said, how are the teenagers in Little Brother's society going to succeed without being able to change the opinions of those adults who already have their mind set on the government always knowing the right thing to do? I know that there are those adults who are willing to help and who distrust the government, but in order to create a movement against the government there has to be the support of those who change their views of the government and want to go against them. Are those adults able to change, even if it's teenagers trying to make them see reason?