Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wenesday 19, January 2011 Pin cams, DDOS, Encryption, and so much more

Today, we had a special treat. Ben Horblit and Mr. Fisch came to our class to answer our questions about technology. I’ll get straight to the homework: Work on your CSAP “Hunger” packet and read Little Brother chapter 8 (best book in the world, ay?).In our sentence, we divided it into 2 independent clauses, and 2 ind. cl. = 1 compound sentence.
In our discussion, the first thing asked was: Is the technology in the book existent/ possible, and the entire class was surprised at the answer: Yes, almost everything in the book exists, other than paranoid Linux, face and gait recognition, and Pinhole cameras. DDOS exists, through which you can rent many computers that were hacked and use it to overload a system. Cryptography basically uses enormous numbers with enormous prime factorizations. (one for the receiver, one for the sender)  through a system called prime factorization to create a code in which the greatest supercomputer could not break in a thousand years without the keys. We did learn that the Bill of Rights is beginning to deteriorate, leading us to the end of our discussion. Never underestimate progress. Always think of what technology is doing to and for you. And always advocate for your rights. I want to extend a special thanks to Ben Horblit and Mr. Fisch for coming to our class.

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