Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project time Tuesday!!

Today in English Honors, it was a pretty routine day. We started by taking out our planners and writing down the homework. Read though chapter 17 by Friday  in Little Brother, work on labeling the sentence type and clauses on our grammar practice sentence for tomorrow, and work on our group research projects, due Thursday, and to correct the Ben Franklin paragraph if needed.
After going over the agenda we jumped right into grammar. We labeled the sentence parts and phrases of the sentence; can you come over and watch the movie Casablanca after school? You would be the subject, come and watch would be the verbs, movie is direct object, and Casablanca is the appositive. After school is a prepositional phrase and school is the object of the preposition.
 After grammar, we got started on our new project. Our task is to research, what do Ned Kelly, Marcus and the Chicago Seven have in common? We will be presenting on Thursday, and make sure you have the best connections and the most interesting presentation because there will be a prize! Good luck to everyone!

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