Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th, Greg Teaches Thursday

It’s Thursday and life is good for the English Honors class of Mrs. Smith. She talked to us about the homework that we must complete, including a grammar test tomorrow. We then conversed about the technological impact on privacy and the article “The War on Secrecy.” After Mrs. Smith left to check on Mrs. Moritz student assistant, Gregory stepped on stage and informed us about the program that lets us bypass Arapahoe’s YouTube blockade. The program is called Freecorder4, just Google it and you’ll find it. The program allows YouTube videos to be played as MP3 or WMV and it won’t be monitored. After you download it shows a tool box at the top that lets you download it at the YouTube Video. Greg showed us the video Meat Salad as an example, getting mixed reviews from everyone, including Mitch who kept on proclaiming “I Like It!” and Whitney who begged not to watch the video a second time. He then shows us the steps on getting the files, by pressing the icons on the tool box under the web browser, and downloading from the link. After being enlightened by Gregory, It was time for some grammar. Remember for the grammar ladder, the order is subject, verb, and then the direct object. For the rest of the time we just read Little Brother, worked on the CSAP packet, or reviewed our grammar for tomorrow.

HW: Read “War on Secrecy”, CSAP Packet, Read Little Brother 9-10, Grammar Worksheet and test and review over sentences.

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