Monday, January 10, 2011

Waxed Monday

Today in Mrs. Smith we greeted our teacher with a less than cheery hello as we had just received the news of our recently pased fellow Warrior. 

Tonights HW:
  • 224-274 In 1984 by tommorow
  • DOL parts of sentance and clauses
  • Little Brother Copy
In class today we started of by simply labeling the parts of speech on our new sentance.  We then broke off and started to finish our waxed generation papers which we turned in at the end of the period.  In case your wondering this weeks DOL sentance is.... My friend Alex plays tennis.  Keep posting on the loggel and remember the comment Mrs. Smith made about how atrocious some of our posts were.  Add pictures and videos, breathe some life into it.  Thats all for today.

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