Monday, January 31, 2011

A Marvelous Monday!

We started class off today by greeting Smith with our daily "Hello Smith" and then we went over our homework. (Posted at the end). Then Abby did her presentation on The Chicago Seven, Ned Kelly, and Marcus Yallow. We played Wheel of Fortune as part of her presentation and it was very educational and fun! Next we did our Fishbowl for Little Brother and the main topics of debate were what we thought were going to happen at the end of the book, who Marcus should and shouldn't trust, and also connections to 1984 and the real world. That took up all of the class period today so we did not have time to do grammar. Although we did right down the sentences which are:
  • carla looked at herself in the mirror and recited the poem fire and ice
  • we saw a mid summer nights dream at the buell theater after we saw it at ahs
Our homework is:
  • Finish reading Little Brother
  • Webspiration Account
Thats all for today! See you all on Wednesday after the late start because WE HAVE A SNOW DAY TOMORROW!!!

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