Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The day started out with the usual Helllllllllo Smith. We jumped right in with us updating our planners with our homework which was:
1. Loggel
2. Final Questions for Discussion
3. Little Brother Copy which can be found for free at craphound.com
4. Read
The lesson started out with the grammar on: my friend alex plays tennis
We were to identify the sentence parts of speech for homework and went over the correct answers in class. We added a new part to the sentence: (after my friend alex plays tennis) he drinks a smoothie after dinner. We were dragged off topic with a discussion how period 5 was the best. Sorry, 2nd place again period 2. After grammar, we reviewed the CSAP paragraphs that were very good. The biggest thing that we need to focus on as a class is our topic sentence and its detail connecting back to the topic sentence.
Next we discussed the pages we were supposed to read in 1984. We divided into five mini fishbowls. As we discussed Mrs. Smith finished talking with us about our previous CSAP scores. The things we talked about will be used in a larger fishbowl tomorrow. Good luck!
Stephen Walker

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