Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm on a Boat 1/31

 Today, on January 31, we started off by the usual "Hello Smith" then went into some hardcore grammar. Our sentence for the week is:
carla looked at        herself in        the   mirror         and         recited the    poem fire and me
  N     AV    PREP  PN     PREP ART   N     COO CONJ    AV    ART  N     (    APP    )
and the practice sentence is:
we saw  a midsummer nights dream at        the     buell theater after    we saw the    play at        ahs
PN AV (                    N                ) PREP  ART (      N       ) PREP PN AV ART N    PREP (N)

Our redone Ben Franklin quotes, last weeks diagramming test, our CSAP practice and last weeks grammar practice were all handed back today. 
Two groups presented shortly after that, still continuing from last Thursday about connections between Marcus, Ned Kelly and Chicago 7. Kelly's group with some battling to guess right words, and Caleb, on his own sharing his project.
Once that was finished, the class fishbowled on chapters 13-17 in Little Brother. This fishbowl was like analogy central, containing boats and scabs and great connections with these.

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