Monday, January 24, 2011

Fishbowl Monday!

Today we started with the usual "hello Smith" then we started on our grammar for this week. The sentence was, can you come over and watch the movie casablanca. Can is a helping verb, you is a pronoun, come is a verb, and is a conjunction, watch is a verb, the is an article, movie is a noun, Casablanca is a noun, after is a preposition, and school is a noun. Our practice sentence for the week is, the chemistry club visited boulder colorado for an experiment. After grammar we did a fishbowl discussion on chapters 6-12 of Little Brother. You can see the discussion below on this page. Again we discussed the illusion of safety or security and what we are willing to give up to feel safe. Homework tonight is very light. Smith suggests we get ahead on our reading and we need to be to chapter 17 by Friday. Also label the parts of speech on the practice sentence for tomorrow. Have a good night, see you all tomorrow!!

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