Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday, January 6th 2011

All week we have been practicing CSAP skills, grammar and paragraph writing! Fun right? At least we will score well :) Anyways, at the beginning of class Smith collected our paragraphs we were assigned to write for CSAP practice on the story "The Pendulum Swings" by O. Henry. After all the essays were passed up front, we continued grammar practice with the same sentence; their team will practice after school. We practice both Thursday and Friday activities because tomorrow (Friday) we have a test. Make sure to practice! Go back through the sentence and see if you can name everything. Parts of Speech, phrases, correct punctuation. Anything in the packet might be on the test! Some websites for extra practice will be at the end of the post. After being enlightened on how to diagram sentences correctly, we continued our work on "The Waxed Generation". The due date has been moved to Monday, January 10. However, you should already have a plan on what you are going to write. Tomorrow in class is our fishbowl on pages 167-224 in 1984. Come prepared with 3 big discussion questions. Also remember a reporter will be visiting our class tomorrow! Smith asks we show our school spirit by wearing black and gold! Our homework for tonight is below; remember to practice for the grammar quiz tomorrow! Have a great week!

Read pgs 167- 224 in 1984
Add to Loggel (You should have your Loggel done if we have read to you section by tomorrow)
Write 3 big discussion questions about your reading in 1984
Grammar Practice due tomorrow ( The sheet you have been working on this entire week)
Grammar test tomorrow… STUDY!

Websites for grammar help:

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