Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Terrific Tuesday!!

We started off class today with an exciting “Hello Smith” and jumped right into our agenda! First we went over the homework which was to read Little Brother chapters 13-17 by Friday, work on our grammar sentences of the week, and to work on the project that was assigned in class. Also if you needed to redo your Franklin essay, your rewrite needs to be turned in to Smith by tomorrow at the latest.
Then we started on our grammar! Our sentence this week is:
 can(hv) you(PRN)(S) come(av) and(cc) watch(av) the(art) movie(n)(do) Casablanca(app)(n) {after(prep) school(n)(op)} prepositional phrase
The parts of speech follow the word as well at the phrases. For tomorrow try to figure out what type of sentence and clause this sentence is!
Next Smith introduced to us a new project due on Thursday! You need to make connections between Ned Kelly, Marcus (from Little Brother), and the Chicago Seven! You have a group of four to five people and the only requirement is that the project must be creative!  There will be a prize for the group that has the most exciting and creative project! We worked on our projects for the rest of class! Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker so we will not receive time in class to work on our presentations! That’s all for today! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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