Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday January 28

Today is the last Friday of January!
We started off 5th period by saying our usual hellos and scurried to our seats. Then we completed our weekly grammar quiz. After our grammar quiz and sentence papers were turned in the remaining  'Comparison Project' groups set up to present. As a class we enjoyed a spider web of connections and some pink lemonade! When the presentations were completed Smith showed us the plan for the next month in her class. We will be started a Wiki-Paper in the next few weeks and we will have through about February 22 to complete it. Class, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE on this project, we are publishing it online, so it should be completed to show the amazing potential we all have. Then, the bell rang and we all ran to our final class of a crazy Friday, have a good weekend! Don't forget to do your homework....

-Read through chapter 17 for Monday's Fishbowl.
-Create your Webspiration account at
-Finish the book Little Brother as the next few weeks in Smith's class will become increasingly busy.

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