Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally it's Friday!

At the beginning of class, Mrs. Smith talked about the upcoming weeks and the start of our Wiki essays. She showed us that throughout the next month, we will be working on researching and writing them both at home and in class. She hopes that the essays will be finished by the day we return from president's day weekend (feb. 22). She wanted to give us a head's up so we can begin to plan ahead.

Originally, we were going to fishbowl over chapters 13-17, but we all agreed that we needed more time to discuss the calendar, take our quizzes, and finish up presentations. The fishbowl is now scheduled for Monday.

Next, we completed our grammar quizzes using the purple packets.

We also continued the group presentations comparing Ned Kelly, the Chicago 7, and Marcus Yallow. All three groups all presented their connections using Prezi. Maria, Anna, and Janie kick off the day. Chad, Brendan, Chris, and Jared went second, and Steven, Luke, Dominic, and Aaron finished up. We still have a few more groups to present.

Mrs. Smith also recommends finishing Little Brother over the weekend and setting up a Webspiration account to kick off our projects. Click here: She encourages us to play around with the website and create our own Webspiration about connections we see in 1984 and Little Brother. Specifically connections between the governments.

Homework: Read through chapter 19, create Webspiration account, experiment with the website, make connections between 1984 and LB

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