Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LB 1-5 period 2

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    Caleb- The government could not really do anything they wanted, but nobody could stop them because they had everyone they imprisoned sign papers saying it was the prisoner's free will.

    Caleb- I don't think people are willing to give up their freedoms, but sometimes you do not have a choice because it is really difficult to stand up to the government.

    Hannah- I think he is seriously injured but probably not dead. I do no think the DHS would be willing to kill or refuse medical care to someone.

    Clarissa- I don't think security at airports really helps. If someone wants to hurt people, they will figure out a way. The government needs to try to stop the people, not the weapons.

    Aaron - "They lull people into a false sense of security, while preventing little amounts of crime. " I agree.

    Class- Do you think there would have been a way for DHS to prevent these terrorists attacks?

    Caleb/Whitney- Doesn't the whole culture tell you want to think, not just video games.

    Courtney- But did not the fact that the bridge interfered with everyday lives implement fear?

    Class- So far, what do you think Doctorow's message in Little Brother?

    Class- Why are the facial recognition cameras unconstitutional while the gain recognition cameras are not?

    Victoria- "I think that it is always possible that the goverment could go that far. The question is wheather the people recognize it and if they act apon it." Good point!

    Steven- The cause of terrorists is usually either extremist religion or people trying to fight back against political injustice.