Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being a modern student

Today was a little different than a normal day in English Honors. We started like normal by taking out our agenda and writing down the homework. We got another CSAP packet that will be due Friday, and we need to read through chapter 17 in Little Brother by Friday. If you want to pace your self, get through chapter 15 by tomorrow. After we wrote down our homework Mr. Maas came in. Mr. Maas is the CIO of Littleton public schools. That means he is in charge of the computer. He sets up parent portal, our e-mail, and regulates all the filters. We learned how it is different being a student in the 21st century, and how we should use our electronics. there are notes below of the key points he talked about when he visited the class.

**Don't forget the presentations on Ned Kelly, The Chicago 7, and Marcus tomorrow!

Notes from today's visitor!

What is our responsibility as freshmen, teachers, and district members in the 21st century?
-    You have to have a lot of technical knowledge to be anonymous online
-    When Mr. Maas visited china, he got a text from the government welcoming him to the country.
-    Police can find people because of their cell phone; they can find the IP address in the computer and track people that way if illegal activity is connected to that address.
-    He always thinks about, would it be okay if this was published in the Denver post? Re-read and then if yes, send it , if no delete it
-    Our school E-mail belongs to the district, it is like a locker or being in a class room, all rules apply and the e-mails are monitored. The privacy is not assured, they can always look and the message sent, the staff needs to be professional like they would in class

-    The key question is no longer where did you find this information it is now how do you know you can trust it?
-    Mr. Maas always puts his full name because he is leaving a digital footprint.
-    Required by law to archive e-mails because they could be used in court.
-    Is there too much control from the admin?

-    Youtube- it is blocked but there are ways around it- facebook, myspace, are all blocked not even teachers can get in it but why block youtube?
o    Distraction in class, but it is also very helpful
o    Some things are bad on Google so why not filter some parts but not others of youtube?
o    They put a list of bad words and pages with those words are blocked but sometimes it is not actually a bad thing
o    Companies are also hired and to categorize online and put all websites into different spaces
o    Faculty super vision required….
o    There are laws that we have to have a filtering system to protect kids and filter online sites at school.
o    Youtube would be filtered by flag ratings by users
-    You can find bad stuff on Google
-    Personal products

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