Thursday, February 10, 2011

Writing, Typing, Editing...

Today was, once again, another work day in class! There should be NO excuses for not doing your whole paper, since Smith has given us a whole entire week in class!


Daily Grammar Lesson:
  • Quotes go around smaller titles, and Underline goes on a bigger title. Ex: a CD would be underlined, but a song on a CD would have quotes.
  • How to diagram sentences with a subordinating conjunction is similar to the way for a coordinating conjunction- the conjunction goes on the dotted line that connects the two verbs.

Working on essays
  • Smith checked the remainder of the introduction paragraphs, and started checking 1st body paragraphs.
  • Today if you are following the schedule so nicely lain out by Smith, you should be done with your introduction (including thesis), 1st body, 2nd body, and working on the third body. That way you will be done by the weekend and only have to edit!
  • Make sure to include at least 5 sources in your paper- and cite them correctly (first word of the citation from EasyBib).


CSAP packet due tomorrow (Friday) "Safari"

Grammar notes due tomorrow, and GRAMMAR TEST on Friday.

Work on your paper!!!!

Go to Writing Lab (Tuesday/Thursday) or to the English Office for help.

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